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Effect of Ground-born Vibration Induced by Intersecting Tunnels

Effect of Ground-born Vibration Induced by Intersecting Tunnels


J. H. Shin / D. R. Kim / J. W. Han / H. J. Kim

Vibration and noise are not only environmental but also dynamic problems, and they have become more important engineering and environmental issues as much as a concern about the quality of urban life. The increase of traffic demand in urban area and high speed railway connection between cities has caused a new issue in which the train tunnel adjoins or intersects within the city. For the case when a train passes simultaneously through a tunnel intersection or an adjacent area, the characteristics of interference and overlap of ground-born vibration were investigated in this paper. The superposition effect of train induced vibration at the tunnel intersection was investigated using a model test. Through the model test, the mechanism of tunnel overlap vibration was identified.

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia