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Ceneri Base Tunnel: design and excavation of large caverns

Ceneri Base Tunnel: design and excavation of large caverns


D. Merlini / S. Morandi / M. Falanesca

The Ceneri Base Tunnel (CBT), 15.4 km in length, is the southernmost portion of the flat railway line crossing the Swiss Alps (AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd). This paper describes and discusses some key issues about the design and execution of large caverns in rock. It aims at illustrating the comparison between the prognosis and the crosscheck of support methods and the adaptation of the first lining phase and the related influences on the second lining for two large caverns in Sarè Junction. The Sarè Junction is characterized by twin tunnel system 400 m in length, cone shaped with 260 m2 maximum cross section area and overburden of 150 m. Based on core-boreholes from surface, laboratory and in situ investigation, Gneiss and Orthogneiss formations and two disturbed zones were forecasted.

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia