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The design of the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel

The design of the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel


A. Thomas / S. Kalmar Pedersen / L. K. Lundberg

Since the signing of the treaty in September 2008 by the Danish and the German Ministers of Transport, many various options for the crossing of the Fehmarnbelt have investigated. All the hard work done by the Ramboll-Arup-TEC (RAT) joint venture was justified by the decision in 2011 by the Danish Parliament to develop a Plan Approval and Tender design for an immersed tunnel as the preferred solution. The decision was based on a conceptual design developed by the RAT JV in close cooperation with the owner Femern A/S. By changing the immersed tunnel status from preferred alternative to the preferred solution, winning the competition against the bridge option, the Fehmarnbelt is a great example for the future of immersed tunnelling and combined with the record- breaking nature of the project, it is most certainly a project that is being followed closely by the tunnelling fraternity.

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