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Study on Key Technology of the Shed-tunnel – Design and Construction by Mountain

Study on Key Technology of the Shed-tunnel – Design and Construction by Mountain


Z. Zhang / H. Liu / J. Chen

In the planning and construction of mountain highway or road, environmental protection is daily emphasized. The concept of taking action that suits local environment and taking the advantages shall be applied in design. Based on this design idea the necessity for arrangement of shed-tunnel for road by mountain is analyzed and the current situation of application of shed-tunnel all over the world is elaborated. The shed-tunnel is classified into three types as rectangular structure, internal arching structure and circular arching structure. What’s more, between half-cutting slope and conventional tunnel by mountain are generally compared with shed-tunnel with asymmetric pressure. It is proposed that shed-tunnel has multiple functions of disaster prevention, environmental protection and energy saving and shed-tunnel is worthy of extensive popularization and application in design for mountainous highway by mountain side and tunnel portal and finally by use of three dimensional finite element analysis method a new type of shed-tunnel with piled foundation vertical column flat top and internal arching tube is put forward, which deformation and stress characteristics are studied, and the feasibility and rationality of shed tunnel structure construction in road section by mountain is further verified.

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia