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Process Controlling in Klang Valley MRT Project, Malaysia

Process Controlling in Klang Valley MRT Project, Malaysia


J. Stascheit / S. Hintz / G. Klados

Shield tunnelling is one of the most mechanized construction technologies to date. It is governed by its main components, the shield machine, the precast lining segments and the tail gap grouting. Given the low tolerances, the high degree of accuracy and the stepwise repeated construction process, shield tunnelling is hence accessible by methods of mechanical engineering to an extent that is not experienced anywhere else in the construction sector. At the centre of interest is the shield machine itself, a highly complex device that features a high number of both adjustable parameters and potential sources of hazards. Corresponding with the high complexity, the machine is equipped with a manifold of sensors and data acquisition devices for every sub-system that provide huge amounts of data at any time.

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Year 2015
City Dubrovnik
Country Croatia